Monday, November 29, 2010

Brigitte Bardot

Mademoiselle Bardot the french diva.

This is the way to smile while in the French Riviera

BB and Picasso


Just add a flower bikini

She loves dogs, like me

Black is chic, period. A black hadband is timeless

Brigitte Bardot might show up in frech politics soon.
Well known for animal rights involvments we might see a lot of her again
in the near future.

Animation by Peggy Moffitt, a genius

Friday, November 26, 2010

Palazzina Grassi Venice



above the Rooms, the Suites and an amazing bathroom...the question is... how can you leave your room?


Couture Hotel
Have you ever dreamed to have a home in Venice?
A Palazzo just for yourself ... maybe even a very stylish one?
Palazzina Grassi is a love at first sight.
A charming Philippe Stark number in the heart of one of the most
romantic cities of the world.
 It has 16 rooms and 6 suites. A very private entrance
and it is right on Grand Canal next to the majestic Palazzo Grassi.
The decor is perfection: it has all the elements you expect from Venice with a modern twist.
Plus a touch of  my beloved Fornasetti ,here and there, that makes me giggle.
I spoke with Simona Veronesi the Marketing Manager of the propriety
 and the same feeling of cordial but high professional attention to details
 transpare from our conversation.
Guests here are at home
there is very relax feeling all over the Boutique Hotel.
Relax does not mean shabby, at the contrary, the crispy whites are immaculate
the lights just perfectly adjusted and the athmosphere is chic and refined.

At the Krug Lounge, the second in the world, you might share your train of bubbles
with Angie and Brad or Johnny. An intimate gathering destinated to become the new Harry's Bar.
I saw their winter promotions and I cannot wait to pay a visit.

My Must See Must Do List in Venice includes:
the Guggenheim Museum, I adore to sit on Peggy's throne.
Shopping at Codognato for some interesting jewels.
Visit la Biennale with my mother, a tradition since I was a child.
A show at La Fenice.
Buy a pair of velvet Friulane slippers, I have them in every color!
Visit the Mariano Fortuny Museum and stop by Venetia Studium shop for a souvenir.
Buy a couple of Plume Champagne Flutes at Salviati. A great gift too.
 I add... an aperitif at the Krug Lounge.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Natalie par Coco

I do not chew on gums, but I crave all Chanel Brooches...
yeap! I am just feeling silly today !
These are some of my sets on Polyvore.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ivanka Trump

The Trump Card
custom made card 
by 3dblur
Susan Moses

Do not judge the book by its cover...
yes, you heard that before.
Few weeks back I was at the airport waiting for my flight 
I was shopping for newspapers, magazines and this book came in my hand:


The flight was long and the inscription from the back cover reads:
"Un libro affascinante, concreto, intelligente e con senso dell'umorismo.
Ivanka Trump dimostra che credere in se stessi e lavorare duramente
non vanno mai fuori moda"
Anna Wintour, Vogue

Somewhere over the Ocean... I cannot not put this book down!
It is a great book written with modesty and honesty
 by a great glamorous, but down to earth, GAL.
The book is intended as a pass on info to young GALS approaching the business world,
but I guarantee you that older folks will appreciate it too.
It is full of  ideas, really good points of view and injected with incredible
energy that makes you go out and conquer the world.
Ivanka is young and brilliant, has class and style.
 The new Queen of Manhattan?
Why stop at Manhattan?!, she probably would answer...

I asked to another brilliant woman Susan Moses to design for my
post a Trump Card. Not only she did it, she color coordinated to my blog and
she captured the beauty and wit of the author.

For more Susan Moses fantastic designs please check

is, in my opinion, the best gift for a young GAL for Christmas
get it on line
softcover $9.99
O nelle migliori librerie, in Italia pubblicato da Etas.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Chanel Couture Fall 2010

A tribute to the Lion. A mesmerising collection by Mr. Lagerfeld
rich in colors, fabrics, accessories and perfectly executed outfits.
I adored the 3/4 lady like sleeves,
 the boots for day and night,
the cuff bracelets on both arms.
The hair casually tucked into the coats.
Simple, elegant makeup and shiny hair.
The opulence of the fabrics.
The embroderies.
Keep Couture Alive !

Photos by Monica Feudi e Gianni Pucci for
wonderful job. a must see site for any fashionista.