Sunday, May 22, 2011

Beatrice Wood Dada Mama

Beatrice Wood
by Tony Cunha

Collection of Vases by Beatrice Wood
courtesy of douglas Rosin

gilded ceramic vase

also known as "luster"

If you ever worry about getting older, think again!
The Mama of Dada proves that age and beauty and wit have no limits.
She lived a full life, not only she fulfilled her dreams but she found serenity and
love in her work. She expressed herself with a true sense of style and
she was never afraid to experiment. She has a deep sense of humor and
an ironic view of the world.
Among her friends were the most prominent artists of the Dada movement.
If I will be blessed to live up to a 100 years old this is how I imagine myself.

Green Luster Plate and Cup

I simply adore her work.
I decided to take ceramic lessons and Raku classes few years back
because of her.
I am planning also a trip to Ojay this summer to visit her Museum
you can do it too on line

Playing Chess With the Heart: Beatrice Wood at 100

must have books

for her complete biography log on

Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts

must visit if you are in California