Monday, July 30, 2012

Gustav Klimt Posters

Best Posters by TOP ART

The tree of life, detail
post by TopArt

The Kiss and Fulfillment
both extraordinary art posters by Top Art

Tree of Life, by Gustav Klimt Published by TopArt

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I will be off line for a few days
Have a great Summer and see you soon.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Venice Memory Board

The Krug Lounge Venice Masque Chic
Palazzina G 

Interior Palazzina G

Palazzina G art works and you are in the right artistic mood.

Amazing work by Starck at Palazzina G
On of the Top Hotels to stay in Venice.
It feels like you have your home in the Laguna.
Chic, descrete and very stylish.
Filled with classical venitian glasses
infused with glamour.
Palazzina G is not your typical venetian old style
 Reserved this fine hotel if you are one of the few who appreciate
rare gems and savoir the understated elegance and luxe.

Italian Fashion latest trends?
Visit the Miu Miu Boutique a great place to shop.

Old and New (Botero at Contini)
Art is the a reality in Venice

Getting merried soon?
Tight a locker on Ponte dell'Accademia
So Romantic.

There are several classic concerst in the city
most of them in Churches with historical instruments.

Venetia Stvdium lovely colors
Souvenirs for Mother in Law, best friends etc...
All made in Venice with natural colors.

Gustav Klimt in Venice a great show

perfect Venice suitcase

Sandals, I like Roger Vivier
Miu Miu chiffon dress
Missoni knit dress for the evenings
Louis Vuitton evening clutch
Louis Vuitton high heels
A straw hat
Sunglasses, Valentino
a small LV clutch for the day


Palazzina G
Water taxi
Lineadombra Restaurant
Krug lounge
Ca Maria Adele
Cargo da Mar

All photos by MilaneseGAL
Thank you Simona at Palazzina G

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Days

Watching the sunset, here is summer !

My idea of playing with sand.....

faux corals by Tozaii
all photos by MilaneseGAL

Thursday, July 5, 2012

How to dress for the Beach

Vacanze !!!

Perfect BEACH attire does not require much effort.
Few simple items will carry you a long way.
A nice white swimsuit is my safe bet, Victoria Secret or La Blanca have
amazing selection. A kaftan is a MUST. I love the Melissa Obadash, Etro
or I make my own.
The sandals, in gold are so pretty with bronzed feet.
A tote bag is practical and beautiful plus it folds well. I love the Vanessa bruno ones.
Sunscreen is ESSENTIAL !!! never expose yourself without it... I use a 30SPF and re-apply often
The Panama hat is one of my fav things to wear at the beach, plus I could not read my books without it.
Melissa Odabash tunic top
325 EUR -

Victoria s Secret beach bikini
$20 -

Giuseppe Zanotti stiletto heels
1.120 EUR -

Vanessa Bruno zip handbag
354 EUR -

BCBG Max Azria straw hat
$58 -

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Glamour in Rose Boutique

Extra cute ballerinas at Glamour Rose Milan and Forte dei Marmi,
a wonderland of young, fresh, pretty things....

A must see store if you are in Forte dei Marmi
or stop by they Boutique in Via Solferino in Milano

A great souvenirs from Milan..... the Ballerinas Shoes in endless colors...
the leather version sells for about 60 euros, 80 dollars.
They come with a very cute silver bag, perfect to bring back as gifts.
Or shop for yourself, these cute shoes are very comfortable.

all photos by MilaneseGAL