Wednesday, September 29, 2010

R.S.V.P. Hermès


                              Images courtesy of Le Monde d'Hermès Automne - Hiver 2010
A "must have" copy

Very Emma Peel !!!

Lovely evening for the presentation of  Le Monde d'Hermès Magazine: playful Diabolik distributing mini-parfumes, Zorro giving out scarf-cards..... Snow White was handing out marzapane red apples, many more cotillions and give-aways but finally an event well planned and only opened to few selected people.
Rumors has it that Gaultier is ending his collaboration with Hermès....the end of an era, the beginning of a new page in Hermès history....

foto by Mark Vadukul. Styling by the great Nicoletta Santoro

Monday, September 27, 2010

Capri Week End

Capri Legends

Hand Made Sandals at Capri Palace

Villa San Michele

The view from our room

Capri, thank you for your hospitality !

The  Capri Island is magic even with  the rain. I had a great time at the Caesar Augustus Hotel and a lovely dinner at the Capri Palace. An unforgettable aperitif with a caraffe of fresh white peaches and Pommery, sitted at the Quisisana Hotel, what a way to finish an afternoon. Capri is a destination that every girl in the world should visit once.
Some many things to see ! I adore the Villa San Michele and the incredible views.
So many things to buy! The list is too long even to begin, but trust me, you will come home with a pair of hand made sandals.

Bottega Veneta

Very Malibu, I can see a lot of my friends wearing this collection....

Luisa Beccaria

I love the idea that she used some of her best Clients on the catwalk, I adore her style,  plenty of things to choose from this collection, really one of my favorites.

Luisa Beccaria and her daughter.
If you come to Milano their Boutique
it is really a destination not to be misses.
Very MilaneseGAL

photos by essencial of any fashionista

Prada Runway

It is not a Prada show without the lovely Marina Peres

 moments after the show
Adorable Marina Peres, Model, Actor and Director.
Would love to see more of her.

photos from and MilaneseGAL

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Milan Fashion Week: Prada Day

Prada Pillars
from left: Pierre, Prada Men, Via Montenapoleone
Raji ,Miu Miu, Via Sant'Andrea
Valentino, Prada Sport, Corso Venezia
This picture, one day, will be history.
So much talent all in one picture.

photos by MilaneseGAL

Milan Fashion Week: Running for the shows

Via Montenapoleone 16.00h
photo by MilaneseGAL

Alberta Ferretti

think summer garden partys

Just add chandelier earrings

Perfect canvas to add amazing jewelery.

I must have this dress !!
Don't you agree?

The Store in Montenapoleone , after I had to visit the store for some impulse shopping.

Alberta never ever let you down !! Over the years she gracefully presented beautiful sophisticated women, I think now is the valid alternative for the woman whom lost Valentino, she has a sence of elegance that translate in every piece of chiffon she cuts and every bead she saw. From a casual dayware dress that you can take to the moon, to a formal gown that will make you look stunning, Alberta Ferretti is a language you must speak.
Her collection is solid made of light as air pieces that will fit everybody, every shape, every race, every woman should consider to buy one of her dresses to keep for many seasons. Her new sore in Milano is beautiful ! A true jewel of Italian Fashion. I adore her.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Milan Fashion Week: September 22nd

Vuitton in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele

Eco Chic Woman, perfect transportation for city traffic

Brave very chic woman...from New York
Particuliere Chanel Nail Polish

Birkin are chic on guys too !
Up coming fashion designer

If you only have one outfit...
this is it!
So perfect for Milano

I almost crashed into Karl, yes His Highness....the Chanel Boutique in Via Sant'Andrea was buzzing with the idea of having him visit the shop. No, the rumor has it that he was on his way to the Fendi Catwalk Show.......Milan these days is wonderful, people watching is the regular sport for Milanese and we are so excited that we even go over the few traffic jams and the flots of clueless models searching for the showrooms. The lucky ones have a Black Range Rover Sport driven by a young Marcello Mastroianni bus them around. The ones that will work for the Prada Show tomorrow where all in front of my building today with large leather tote bags (very chic no logo), skinny leggings and a black elastic band in their hair: MOU (Model Official Uniform)
Wondering around Milano you cannot help to think how nice and chic this city really is......

  all photos by MilaneseGAL

Monday, September 20, 2010

Night Out

                                                    No excuses! dress up

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Evening Gown

                                                                         So chic

Tuesday, September 14, 2010