Sunday, January 30, 2011

Louis Vuitton Voyage


1. a pashmina
2. ballet flats that doubles as slippers
3. Molton Brown spf15 face cream
4. Christian Dior face and body Oil
5. a Rachel Pally jersy Dress
6. Cannon D60
7. India Hicks for Cabtree & Evelyn coral travel pouch
8. Bond N.9 perfume
9. a Missoni Bikini
10. a diary and a pen

if you are in the market for a LV travel bag
you should consider:

Keepall 45cm, with strap
Pegaso trolly 45cm
Hat Box
Nice, beauty case

these models are timeless
shop on line


Lovely Miss. Hamingway graces the photos, all from LV Catalogue.
Photos by Carter Smith

come back in two days for my Africa favorites....

Friday, January 28, 2011

Sales in Milan

 sales hunting...
this year I had few hours in one busy week and I decided to go.
Everybody likes to travel first class but pay for economy.
It is my Husband's line... it works today very well.
I wear my Max Mara The Cube, a ponytail  and a good pair of low heels boots
(my friend Alessandra calls it my Komabat Uniform).
My idea was to go places I usually do not go to.

Mango was my first stop..WHAT A SURPRISE!
The store is huge and well kept and the items are well displayed.
I reach for a metallic tank top that has Missoni written all over....
on sale for 12.99 euro
hands off, it is mine.
Then I spot a 100% cotton tank, perfect for layering...
 3.49 euro
Ok, this is fun !!

While I am at the cash registers I pick up they new catalogue...
ohh! my my
the defilè is to die for ! Isabeli Fontana in the long chiffon peach dress:
a dream, I must have that dress !!! and a long list of items too.
Including the 2 piece suit for travel that I always brag about.
More later on this issue, now GALS we have some shopping to do.

Lets keep going...

O.M.G. !!!
I adore these flashy earrings....
7 euros a pair
from a little street vendor (legal)
in Corso Vittorio Emanuele, in fron at H&M
below the Duomo Cathedral, a tiny boutique once the resale for lotto tickets.
The man is Indian and sells lovely chandelier earrings,
fun for a night out or a dinner in Marrakech.

Back to MANGO

I have a second thought
inspired by the divine Diana Vreeland
I indulged in two (the last ones)
cuff ponyhair bracelets.
down to 14.99 each !!

Piazza 5 Giornate, Milano
the home department and EATALY grocery store,
located in the basement, are a must.
These two vases in bronze will work for my basil plants.
from 14.99 to 8 euros each.
I love to keep fresh basil in chic pots on my kitchen counters, always pair things.
At EATALY, now in New York and Tokyo as well
I found lots of Italian specialty products, great gifts too.
I purchased some Specialty Pasta from Naples and
an organic tomato sauce, both 1 euro each for their special anniversary sale.

Tipically 50% off
but with this economy not only you will find an amazing
quantity of items but at further discounts too.
Check inside the stores for more reductions.

shoes are execptional in Italy
at a bargain even better !
Just make sure you buy MADE IN ITALY
the quality is very important.
PS: Phoebe, good decision on the boots.

 ISLO shoes by Isabella Lorusso
very nice, don't you think?

Still some money left for a Caffè
what a great fun afternoon !!

Are you coming to Milan?
Do you need some references ?
Just drop me a line for what you are looking for,
I will be glad to help.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bond N.9

 Exquisite perfumes
so you are going to New York......

I cannot imagine a more sophisticated souvenir...

This is my all time favorite
a GAL should never leave her home
without her favorite perfume.

Select a purse spray, you will have it forever!

Lovely bottle !! Made for Harrod's if you pass by London.

This is my favorite male scent !

limited edition
collectable bottles

how refined !

I can think of a dozen of friends that will love this ....

an amazing token ! the solid perfume.... brilliant.
Who would not like this?

the scent of peace
what a lovely gist for a mother, a sister, a best friend.....

The POP ART  fragrance, lovely gift from NYC.
The Andy Warhol Campbell Soup by TOP ART
 sagomato painting is also for sale.

Do you travel ?... where is the problem....

Do you what to have a game with your kids...
design your own never know...
they are always looking for ideas.

Bond N.9 is distributed in Europe by
for more info please call Ph: +39.347.807.3277
Intertrade Europe


grazie Sabrina, un abbraccio!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Bab al Shams Dubai

Balance and semplicity



Silence and wispers
Far away from the glitters and grands of
Jumeira, in the desert, I feel the real spirit of the Emirate.



sand and water

 Bab Al Shams
in the desert
a magical place

Dubai has many faces, this is the one I love the most.
Calm, peace, quite. The elegance of the people,
 the sun in the desert, the amazing arabic food.

A very relaxing place


Pashminas are excellent in price and quality,
shop around and do not forget to ask for discounts.

An incense burner, so stylish.
This one is made out of bronze.

Dukhoon Malaki is a a fragrant paste to burn in your home
the aroma is sublime, it does not make much smoke.
This make an interesting gift even for the most elegant of your friends.
Shop in Dubai at AlWafi, in Abu Dhabi at Emirates Palace.

Treat yourself with a visit at the Old Gold Souk,
it is quite an experience.

IN MY SUITCASE and more...

The temperature in Dubai is hot but inside air conditioning can be pretty chilly:
always bring a pashmina with you.
I respect the traditions of every place I go, here it is
appropriate to have arms and legs covered when you are in public.
A lovely Etro Kaftano is very usefull if you lounge.
A Dolce e Gabbana style  2piece suit in cream color is perfect for the day.
A pair of jeweled mules can do a fine job, they also double as slippers.
It is one of the safest places in the world,
you can wear jewelry and do not be afraid of
show off, fake or real.
If you have to bring a gift, chocolate is always
appriciated, as scarfs and perfumes
but do not expect that the gift will be open in front of you.
I never shake hands untill the other person offers.
In within the Hotels you can wear what you like
moderation is also part of beeing well mannered.
I suggest a long evening dress, silk or chiffon
 Cavalli, Etro,Valentino type.
High heels? Yes! not much walking in Dubai.
Do not get confused by the chador, 
the women are so sophisticated and elegant.
Pefume is very important, it is nice to use a good one
people will notice and compliment you more on your perfume then on your shoes.
I bring my Bond N.9 more long lasting then others.
Bring your finest bag, they really have an eye for the latest models.
Strong sunscreen is essencial.
Sky jacket? Why not, you can sky in Dubai too.


All photos are by MilaneseGAL