Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dior Nailpolish Winter Vernis

I have been always a bluff, pink, cotton candy,
Flemme rose kind-a-gal since.....
the day I got as a gift the amazing NEW colors of
now my nails scream names like
Undergrownd, Gris Montaigne, Perfecto, Tuxedo...


The beauty of these très chic nailpolishes is that the colors
are so contemporary and shimmery.
Even the flat colors have a distinct light to it.


To add a touch of sophistication,
think The Dutchess of Windsor modern days
I add a layer of ROCK COAT to my rosie everyday polish...
very parisienne chic.

 These colors are phenomenals....and

...for a complete manicure you must try the BASE COAT and the clear
TOP COAT really are the beat I have tried in a long time.
The Top Coat speeds up your drying time and created a long lasting
extra brilliant coat. For best results my manicuriste Kathy
suggests you apply an extra coat the day after you had your nails done.

With the revolutionary easy brush I am able to do the application
myself, trust me I am no pro when it comes to these things.
I love the all line of Dior manicure products, including the
nailpolish remover, the apricot nail cream and the
superb Dior Capture Hand cream.
Please Santa...please....

all photos are by MilaneseGAL
Thank you LVMH