Monday, September 27, 2010

Capri Week End

Capri Legends

Hand Made Sandals at Capri Palace

Villa San Michele

The view from our room

Capri, thank you for your hospitality !

The  Capri Island is magic even with  the rain. I had a great time at the Caesar Augustus Hotel and a lovely dinner at the Capri Palace. An unforgettable aperitif with a caraffe of fresh white peaches and Pommery, sitted at the Quisisana Hotel, what a way to finish an afternoon. Capri is a destination that every girl in the world should visit once.
Some many things to see ! I adore the Villa San Michele and the incredible views.
So many things to buy! The list is too long even to begin, but trust me, you will come home with a pair of hand made sandals.