Monday, April 11, 2011

Marrakech Chic Shopping


I stocked on babouches: expect to be asked 400 Dirhams but pay no more than 150
 and you can go as low as 100 (the equivalent of 15USD) if you buy several pairs.
Be very firm and make sure  they are all made in leather.
The lovely straw beach bags should be around 250-300 Dirhams.
After a ferocious deal made with the berber lady at the Spice Market Square.
L'Orientaliste perfumes and candels are fixed prices but worth it.
Incredible fragrances very intense and long lasting.
You can shop in Rue de la Libertè.
Spices are excellent, I did a cooking class so I was able to get the best ones that I really get to use.
Cumin, Paprika and Ginger are the must have ones for any Moroccan Tagine.
Raw Honey is a great buy. I get mine at the local patisserie
Delice Dada also in rue de la Libertè.
Oil d'Argan seams to be the IT thing right now, in Marrakech is
more common than drinking water...

Shopping here requires a very detailed planning to reach the appropriate
vendor. Next time I will pre-organize a shopping tour with a guide
suggested by the Owner of my Hotel Ksar Char Bagh.
Paul Berger and Yves Saint Laurent frequently shopped at the Medina,
 everybody say that their shop has been visited by them....
Many French boutiques are nice but too expensive, if I have to spend 250 dollars for a cotton kaftan I will buy one at home made of better quality.
The shops at Mammounia are  overpriced and very commercial.
The Boutique at Royal Monsur has a fine selection of silk Kaftans, expect to pay over 1200 dollars.
One regret:
I should have purchased the hand dyed wool to knit something out of it.
Look at the one they the berbere women keep in the plastic bags, it is the finest quality.

Beni Ourein carpets and traditional  berber wedding blankets are still a good buy,
shop around and take your time in negotiating the price.

The round toe slippers are reserved for the home.


L'Orientaliste in Rue de la Libertè
lovely perfumes and beauty products

Maroccan Fresh Mint Tea
my favorite drink

Delices Dada chic Patisserie in rue de la Libertè, Guèliz

Great gift, the sweets are divine, but so rich.

The few spices and aromas you really need are:
Coriandel and Pasley
Fleur d'Orange

few things I covet...

lovely earrings from Moroccan born Hassan Bounkit

not going to Marrakech soon?
shop for babouches at

adorable kaftan blouse from

great cuffs from
Castor and Pollux

chandelier earrings from Charm and Chain
ethnic bangle from Castor and Pollux

photos by MilaneseGAL