Friday, April 8, 2011

Ksar Char Bagh Marrakech

One of the finest Hotels in the World...
in my opinion the best place to stay in Marrakech.

As soon as you arrive you feel like a Princess.

The view from our room. I could not stop staring at the sky...
so blue majorelle !!!

The night only brings magic to this enchanting Palace.

Room Number 10

The details are superb! The owners went to so much research
to create an environment where everything speaks luxury.

Vintage Prada and a souvenir from Barcellona

The fireplace room is ideal for a private dinner set.

L'Orientaliste products and fresh roses were added everyday.

You cannot resist to snap a picture of this incredible staircase.....
Everything here is in perfect balance and order.

At breakfast  Fleur d'Orange home made Muffins
and a cappuccino in an authentic Astier de Villatte cup....

The kitchen
where sublime foods are made fresh fresh fresh
the best French Toast I ever had.... amazing dinners and
a great sunday brunch.

Chèf Khalid is graciously giving me a private cooking class.
It is raining outside, but really, who cares?

Everyday fresh produce come from the vegetable garden located
in the Propriety behind the pool.
Today we are using the zucchini and the carots.

Charming place, incredible Staff and impeccable Owners

We have been spoiled from the fist moment we arrived
and as a farewell token they escorted us with the Traditional English Cab to
ride to the airport.... so Winston Chic !!!

In my suitcase.......

The new Etro Leather hat
Vintage Prada gold sandals
Two Missoni knitted dresses
A vintage silk evening long dress from Etro
Indian gold necklaces
Babbucce and two evening wool shawls
A paisley bikini (not used)
Ralph Lauren linen and gold sahariana jacket
Chanel Rouge Noir Nailpolish

the video is a must see

This astonishing propiety is part of the collection of

Mercì par Votre hospitalitè, Elizabeth, Nicholas, Chèf Khalid and Karimà
et tout le superb equipè.