Friday, June 29, 2012

Orchids caring tips

Water once a week with room temperature water,
I usually let my plant stand under the sink faucet
with  a thin running water stream for 30 seconds or so.
Drain all the water on a sink before re-placing the plant in the pot.
Never place your orchid in direct sun light or with drafts.
Buy only plants that have at least a few un-opened blossoms.
Never water flowers directly, never touch them with fingertips.

Yor orchid can re-bloom.
When the blossom die out wait to cut the stem until
all the clorophille will return to the plant and the
stem will become brown.
Trim the stem at the base, water as usual
and fertilize lighlty.
You will be so proud of yourself.
In the next 3 months you will see new grows.
very easy