Monday, December 10, 2012

Designer Luxury Hen Residence

It has never been so exciting to be a chicken.
With this view I guarantee you that the eggs will taste even better.
I cannot fully suggest how to obtain the Penthouse overlooking Central Park
but this is how you can have the stylish Luxury Hen Residence...

My Friend Robin Horton author of the green blog URBAN GARDENS while visiting the International Contemporary Furniture Fair,  stumbled upon Raad’s modernist solar chicken coop for urban hens. This coop is so sophisticated, the desigers call it a “Residence.”
A all new flock of Urban Sophisticated Chicks has arrived.
I love Robin's captivating selling points:
3 floors of luxury living for the discerning hen. Low maintenance. Great views. No Coop board approval.

As Robin eloquently posted, these “residences” are the non-plus-ultra of green design too: each utilizes passive heat and cooling systems, driving a fan to supplement the systems throughout the summer. The triplex hen house offers floor to ceiling windows and “great views.” The first floor contains a “scratch n’ run” area, the second floor four egg-laying units, and the third floor houses a roosting perch described as the “Egg Lounge.” The design includes plenty of storage for bedding and food, while a sliding tray provides for easy clean up.
The Stylish Residence arrives flat-packed and it is ready for an easy to do mounting.
 It is constructed of routed exterior grade plywood and acrylic sheets. You can personalize it if you plan to give it as a gift.

Available at
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This post is made thanks to Robin Horton and her generosity in sharing story and photos.
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