Thursday, December 13, 2012

Lucifer Vir Honestus Jewelry FIVEinFIVE

Luna Scamuzzi is the amazing designer behind this exclusive Jewelry brand.
I saw her magical creations at Barney's New York and
 liked the extraordinary creativity of the pieces.
Once in Milano I decided to pay a visit to meet Luna in person.

* ONE *
From the bit intimidating name, Lucifer Vir Honestus,
 I was expecting nothing but the most gentle and angelic
personality as Luna has. Naturally the first question I posed
was the choice of such a sizzling company name.
Luna explainded to me that while preparing her final exam for the Architectural University her and her husband businessman Paolo Mandelli, saw this curious name in the Milanese Archives of Goldsmiths. LVH was the first goldsmith of Milan back in the 12th century to be registered, without much thinking at the time Luna copied the name in her diary and saved it. A few years later when they decided to persue their own carrier as Jewelry Designers the selection of this name became almost natural.

Now her creations adorn the most charming women:
from Drew Berrymore to Cameron Diaz, from JLO to
Michelle Obama just to name a few of the Devotee

One of a kind pieces that are beautiful to wear and
it almost a sin to hide in a jewelry box....

* TWO *
My personal style in one word

A nice gift I have recived latelty
A fun head pice from Alain Journo in the shape of a Statue of Liberty crown and a fish net over the face, a truly playful object.

* FOUR *
An unforgettable place to dine
Ristorante Piazza Duomo in Alba (Piedmont Reagion in Italy)
Chef Enrico Crippa just earned his third Michelin star
is a personal fiend and a great poetic man, he puts his soul in the kitchen.

Dinner for Eight
(I asked Luna to make an imaginary Guest List for her dinner party)
Luna, herself
Joan of Arc
Marylin Monroe
Annie Lennox
Elvis Presley
Nina Simone
Fulco di Verdura

Lucifer, watching down from Heaven, bust be very proud!
It has been a pleasure meeting Luna, be part  of her world even for just a few
hours has been like enter a storybook: her beautiful way to talk about her work
and the playful way she uses to create her jewelry just as child would
have fun playing with clay. She gets the energy from every single
stone, pearl or once of gold transforming them in jewelry that are so mature and unique in style. She relay on her instint reather then a formal sketch having a natural sense of proportions from her trainging in architecture.
The results are unique pieces as works of art.  As I said before you cannot hide them in a jewlry box, they will become part of your surrondings as miniature sculpures.

A "trilogy fitted for Venus" by Lucifer Vir Honestus

Lucifer Vir Honestus
Showroom and Boutique 
Corso Como 9, Milan
+39 02 29004270

Also at Barneys New York

All photos except the last two ones are MilaneseGAL
thank you to Luna Scamuzzi e Paolo Mandelli
all designs and logos are copyrights by Lucifer Vir Honestus