Friday, March 22, 2013

Tiramisù Cappuccino

MilaneseGAL's  interpretation of a Tiramisù Cappuccino.

An easy way to treat yourself of your loved ones:
I make a cappuccino with the new Nespresso
Coffee, you can use the exclusive 
Variations in Macadamia or Noisette, both perfect.
Mix regular milk with a dash of heavy cream and foam them
it will add creaminess to your cappuccino giving you a rich taste.
You can also add a drop of Baily if you like.
Serve with a Savoiardi cookie and sprinkle with fine coco powder.
I use LaDuree Coco powder.
Serve your masterpiece in fine bone china mug,
the one in the picture is from Ralph Lauren Home Collection.

Perfect for a cozy afternoon treat.