Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Qui Branly Paris

An amazing collection of primitive objects
from around the Planet in a visually stunning

MilaneseGAL is in heaven!
a visit to Qui Branly has been on my
for a long long time.
A trip to Paris is always too short, no matter
how many days you spend there.
Finally this year it was my time to spare a day from the
delightful wondering around the streets of Paris
and pay a vist to one of the BEST Museums of the world.
The best part is that the Museum is very generous in letting
people i-phone their favorits objets.
Here are some of mine....

The river of words
an amazing installation by
Charles Sandison
16,597 names of the people and geographic
locations displayed in the Museum.

Right now
a special collection.

I booked by tickets with Fnac.
So easy and it will give you direct access to the
Museum, NO QUEUE
you can pre-print your tickets at home.
You need at leat 4 hours to see it but it is worth it.

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