Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Milanese Style, a day with me

Today is a beautiful afternoon to stay at home....

all trees are blooming, they are so beautiful...

...fresh flowers from my street vendor of choise....

... first stop. they drycleaners, this is called the
"boutique del tintore" they are in business since 1960
this is where you bring your Puccis, your fine Chanels....

the bread shop, great croissant too, I need them.
Via Cesare Battisti

a chic GAL on her bike, so milanese!

I keep going to see L'Arabesque
one of my favorites in Milano.
A chic boutique of new and some ultra selected
vintage bags, books, jewelry.
Molto molto chic!

L'Arabesque a must stop in Milan.
Largo Augusto

Spring time is also wedding cakes and
the beautiful easter eggs...
these colorful ones are from Taveggia
a great souvenir. they are chocolate and filled
with a surprise....
Via Cesare Battisti

more flowers... so pretty!

This very elegant gentleman is the
news stand guy,
no... I am not kidding you!
That is why Milanese Style is so chic.
Have you ever seen a dandier news stand guy?
This is where I buy my international Vogues, my Cotè Sud etc...
Largo Augusto, in front of Via Durini.

Nothing is more transport effective that a Vespa...
or my own feet.

In Via Felice Cavallotti we must stop at
Dimensione Danza
this is my store for ballerinas, yoga clothes,
gym attire....

I also stop by to say hello to my friend
Maria Luisa Maltese
she hands made jewelry and she has
a chic crowd of soccer player wifes,
socialites and chic ladies thar all sports her creations.
All made in Italy. In via Felice Cavallotti.

A quick stop at Pineider to pick up by business cards,
they are ready !!!
Best letter heads and great selections of writing papers.
Corso Europa.

the best beauty store in Milano
in P.za San Babila
downstairs a world of beauty......

....upstairs all you need for your home...
really chic and pretty

time for a coffie break.....

this is called the "Marocchino"
it is a single shoot of espresso with foam milk
and coco powder... favoloso

Milan buildings are so pretty.

I am in the mood to find a great pair of shoes...

In Via Cerva
a new store that will be on my A-list
Guillaume Hinfray

this door is not new.....

Time to say goodby.... I am running to the hairdresses
Thank you for staying with me....

alla prossima volta !!!