Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Exhibition of Autumn: Marco Glaviano

Jasmine Ghauri by Marco Glaviano

Paulina by Marco Glaviano

Marco Glaviano

Tatiana by Marco Glaviano

Cindy by Marco Glaviano

Marco Glaviano at Palazzo Morando

by Marco Glaviano

Jazz and Models.... a perfect combination for a perfect photographer! This man is at the caliber of Avedon, Ritts, Meisel with a unique gift to make women so incredibly beautiful and sexy. Once Cindy commented watching one of Glaviano's photos of herself: "I do not even wake up looking like Cindy Crawford".
Ok, Cindy, Jasmine, Tatiana, Paulina, Eva...these are all beautiful women but the hand and the immagination of Marco Glaviano  they are immortalize into the most beautiful women on Earth.
If you ever dream of having a photo taken ...Marco is the one to talk to.
Back in my days at Harper's Bazaar I recall seeing all these photos, Glaviano is one of the most influential photographers of our era. I adored the video at the Exhibition hosted by Palazzo Morando, Via Sant'Andrea, Milano. So if you are in front of Chanel and you have 15 minutes to spare go visit 140 of his best artwork displayed for you to enjoy, the show is open until 17.30pm and it is free admission. Not to be missed.
The photos are a sneak preview of what you MUST GO SEE for yourself....
A wonderful catalogue is published by Leonardo International and it is for sale for 29euro, it will make an amazing gift. Think Christmas.