Thursday, March 17, 2011

Francesco Carrozzini

Heidi Klum

Heidi for Vogue Germany


His mother, my hero: Franca Sozzani



Keith's hands - mani


Robert de Niro

Tim Roth





James Franco

Francesco Carrozzini class 1984

a true story......
back in the beginning of 1990 I had the fortune and privilege to meet
Franca Sozzani. While sitted in her office at Vogue Italia, Piazza Castello
I could not help to notice the big black and white photos of this cute little guy,
 her son Francesco,  hanging on the wall backing her desk.
I was very young, just getting ready to leave for my first tour-around-the-world
and Francesco was much younger then I was.
Little I could suspect that he turned out to be one of
the best photographers of the moment.
His phots are stunning, very deep and expressive.
I cannot wait to see more of his work.
He is a Director too and I will keep on eye on his work.

with his Mother Franca Sozzani,
the jewel of Italian Fashion Industry