Saturday, September 24, 2011

Guillaume Hinfray e Marco Censi FIVEinFIVE

A brief interview with the equally divine
 Guillaume & Marco

3 perfect words
Three words that clink and fit perfectly together
Guillaume Hinfray

(which means the foot arch)
a French word I adore,
for both sound and meaning
"my love" in arabic
certainly the most knowed word in this language.
Could you imagine a more sensual ans sweet sound?
Simple, easy, short,efficient ...
an absolutly perfect product, under every aspect,
even on a marketing point of view.
Marco Censi

The historical figures who you like the most

I have a predilection for Constance of Hauteville, Queen of Sicily.
She is a kind of a modern heroine in the Middle Age:
rebel, nun, mother, statewoman...
She acted as woman in Court and knight for her Kingdom!
It is hard to imagine this life today!
Guillaume Hinfray

I have two, both of the XX Century:
Nikola Tesla and Ettore Majorana.
It is certainly too long to tell you about the lifes of this two scentific genius
who are incredibly riches, fashinating, mysterious...
Marco Censi

Please close your eyes and tell me what music comes to your mind

Melody Nelson, my favorite work of Serge Gainsbourg
This timeless album conjugate an ideal blend
of classical and modern sounds.
So grandiose and secret.
Guillaume Hinfray depends...
when I am relaxed my mind selects All I Need from Air.
If I feel excited and full of energy it is the Knight's Dance,
from the second act of Prokofiev's Romeo and juliet.
In case of blues...the beautiful Nostalgia from David Sylvan.
....mmmh...right now it is the Air turn!
Marco Censi

Your favorite Restaurant?

Heavens! there are so many Restaurants we love.
Le Compagnons
it is a family affair brasserie in Boulogne,
where we use to go while in Paris.
It is friendly, cosy, quite impossible to imagine
a more one.hundred.per.cent Pure French style place.
The athmosphere never changed in the last few decades,
you can still hear Edith Piaf and Gilbert Becaud chatting.
And the food is fantastic, of course!
Guillaume and Marco

There is something very special in wearing a shoe with a the
inside made out of pure silk

 I consider the external part of a shoe as an armor that brings
power to a woman.
The inside part seemas should be the intimate side
that brings self confidence...le jardin secret of a woman.
So what could be better then silk satin?
Guillaume Hinfray

It has been a delightful experience meeting Guillaume and Marco.

This is the word that came to my mind......

when two great mind get together infinite ripples of energy emerge.

Guillaume and Marco thank you for your hospitality,
your wit and charm is timeless as the
sublime shoes you make.

all photos are by MilaneseGAL please use them but
always credit Guillaume Hinfray.

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