Thursday, September 22, 2011

Backstage MAX MARA

Milan, 22 September around 9.30 am
a great morning and a great show!
But wait lets start from the very beginning....

8.45 am I am arriving at the MAX MARA
Spring Summer 2012
Fashion Show

It is hard to top beeing sitted firts row at
the Couture Shows at 19yrs old
but a backstage pass is equally exciting!

Milan has history and so does Max Mara

Backstage all the uscite are lined up
the beautiful new accessories complements
a well planned collection.

In matter of minutes it is getting crowded, models are checking
their sequence, journalists are asking questions, photographers
are filling their smart cards.

Back at Make up and hair
the athmospere is relaxed, these people are pros.

Models are almost ready, look at the hair!

not an easy task!

I stopped by and chatted with the sublime Liu Wen
now also acting as a journalist for a chinese TV station.
I told her she was really one of the first oriental models
to made in Milan, she smiled.
She told me that when she arrived in 2008 she never owned
a pair of high heels shoes and she could now walk with them.
You can certenly walk now, you are fantastic!

Grand Dame Carine Roitfeld
backstage next to me
a nice moment.

It takes a lot of effort to organize a Fashion Show
all the GALS at the press office and the helpers were
so nice and calm.

Laura Lusuardi  Max Mara Head Designer
With the exception of the iconic Camel Coat
and now the Cube, it is rarely that you see
an outfit on a woman and you say
Ohh that is a Max Mara.
But all the Max Mara Clients have something
in common:
 they are all very elegant and refined
without having the necessity of a big logo on their belt buckle.
A true fashion sense of elegance and quality
that I personally admire and find in my Max Mara pieces.

I am sneaking behind the velvet curtains....

the room is not yet filled

just a pick of my favorite fashion editors

few professionals are already at work

now the show is on

the collection is beautiful
very airy, very light
easy to play around and quite timeless.
I love the combination of colors turquoise and sand
and the gold shimmer of  the beautiful blousons.

first row, you can spot Giovanna Battaglia

Beautiful! cannot wait to try on some of the outfits.

all photos are MilaneseGAL
if you do not want to be posted please email me
and I will immediatly remove the picture.
Thank you to the superb MAX MARA Press Office