Sunday, May 13, 2012

How to dress for A Long Paris Spring Week End

Spring Wardrobe

A few items I think are good for frequent
week ends and trips.
No brain things that all work together well
in any occasion and in any mild weather.
Just add your favorite white bikini....
Try to play around with them and you will see 
what I mean...suite them for your body type.

Draped top
$242 -

Lanvin cashmere top
$2,220 -

DVb Victoria Beckham mesh top
$115 -

MondayMarch letter t shirt
€45 -

Burberry short coat
£595 -

Khaki cropped pants
$64 -

Sergio Rossi leather pumps
$715 -

Metallic shoes
$75 -

Gucci leather shoes
£399 -

Hermès slouch bag

Chanel white tote
£3,725 - Chanel Boutiques

Crislu zirconia jewelry
$150 -

Love Quotes Scarves rayon scarve
$85 -

Cat eye sunglasses
$12 -

Beige dress