Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Make your Guests feel at home

Guests areWelcome,
 a few tips in making your Guests
feeling a bit more at home.
I learned from the best, my dearest friend Linda C.
She pampered me for years making me feel right at home
in her amazing home in Southern California.

Treat your Guests with the finerst robe you can find.
I love the linen ones.
This is from Paris.
The dress form is from Restorations Hardware

I like Santa Maria Novella beauty products.
The Crema Fluida Relax
is among my favorites.

Bath Olis by Santa Maria Novella
your Guest will not resist to take a dip !
I bought this in Florence last time there.

Extra white towels and extra soaps are a must.

This Top Art Poster is so pretty in the Bathroom.

Prepare the bed with fine bed linens.
Ralph Lauren Home
made these ones.
Tuck your favorite book in the bed for your Guests to read,
can also be a nice gift.
A vintage copy of Goodby Picasso.

A mosquito net is stunning.
This is from Bali.
It can be easly taken down if your guests
will not like it.
Trust me, most of them will LOVE it.

Let your Guests sleep in,
we nerver make an alarm sound!

Linda, thank you so much for the years of training!
Luv U

photos my MilaneseGAL
pin them, use them, have fun with them
credit me if you can