Friday, November 12, 2010

Zhang Jingna

iconic photo  Fairytales - Zhang Jingna

Another mesmerizing photo

The Black Swan by Zhang Jingna

The beautiful Lara Jade


  Zhang Jingna latest photoshoot in California November 2010

Christian Dior backstage Couture 2008 Fall Collection
Monsieur Dior  himself would have approuved

Japan Traditional by Zhang Jingna makes you want to jump on the first flight to Kyoto



Her ultimate favorite SUGIZO

self portrait

Singapore, her home town part of the year.

A recent show in Singapore at the Japan Cultural House

When I was young my favorite thing to do was to keep a diary.
At school we would exchange it with girlfriends 
so each of us could add and fav on some of the pages.
Technology  has changed but I pretty much like to do the same with my blog.
If I was back in school I would have pick Jingna to be my desk mate, 
we probably have sneaked in some Vogue magazines instead of algebra books
 and look at each other diaries all the time.
But she is a pretty committed GAL with a deep sense of duty. An athlete too.
She is reserved, born chinese, a true world citizen.
 There is a deep sadness in the photos that makes them so full of emotions.
 I adore them all.
 I confess I really had a hard time selecting the ones I like the most.
Few weeks back I came across her blog 
  and from day one I was hooked.
She has style and she is very, very talented.
 Jingna likes most of the things that I like too and takes pictures of her food
 and shopping findings. My kind of friend.
Her photos are paintings, their destiny is to become iconic pictures of our times.
Already I spot them all over the world.
I love to follow her around the globe in a very modern journal, made of I-pads, I-phones and techno gadgets she carrys around, she often shares the backstage of her photo sessions, very nice thing to do.
I would love to see her working more in Europe for Fashion Houses like Lanvin, 
Givenchy, Hermès.
Vogue France and Vogue Italy, they need her.
Her Client's list is packed with high profile names and she is on her way up
to become one of the most influential Photographers of this century.
 I am glad we have the possibility to follow
 her career and to view a candid diary of who she is.
Imagine if Avedon or Penn would have kept a blog....
I am happy to check into Jingna's universe and always
 get mesmorized by her amazing work.

Books, Limited Edition Books and Postcard Collections are avaible for sale,
please contact her at

ALL photos are by Zhang Jingna and copyrights, posted under her permission.