Monday, May 20, 2013

Fornasetti Plates, a new exhibition

in occasion of the Centennial of Piero Fornasetti
in Milan at the Corso Matteotti Boutique Fornasetti
from June 13th until September 14th  a great way to see many of
the Fornasetti plates so collectables.
As a curiosity there are over 3000 different designs
created by Fornasetti over the years.

I always admire people who have the courage to use
their Fornasetti plates for a perfect mis-en-place
There is nothing then more modern and chic to
eat at a great table, good company and excellent food.

Love the idea to collect one, two or 6 plates every
special occasion during the year to compose the perfect
Servizio di piatti
use them on the wall, on the table or buffet plates,
Now just imagine how your club panini will taste
if presented in a Theme and Variation Plate by Fornasetti.....

a great exhibition not to be missed if you pass in Milan.
Corso Matteoti 1/A, Milano
Ph. +39 02 88658040