Monday, February 6, 2012

CHANEL at Bellagio Las Vegas

Re-Opening of the CHANEL Boutique at Bellagio

A great news for all the Chanel fanatics, this Boutique was a mecca.

Among all the Chanel Boutiques the Las Vegas has an amazing selection.

I always found great pieces often sold out in other locations.

The Wynn Store was taking over in the last years because of the size, now
even Bellagio has up dated its look.

Limited Edition Chanel Bag, exclusice for this Bellagio Boutique
price tag...4000USD... its a roll of dice, will its value increase?

Another Limited Edition Chanel bag, beautiful, timeless, pricy but worth it if you
are a collector.

Beautiful Diane Kruger at the opening of the Boutique.


photos by MT special USA correspondent for MilaneseGAL