Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Maison Dior: Part I

Dior with Ms. Lucky, one of his models.

The famous Bar Look
A revolutionary outfit at the time.
Mr. Dior to help the fabric mills of France to get back on their feet
after the war re-invented the full skirt.

image by Getty Images

Lucky modelling an evening satin dress.
The shows at la Maison were so packed that people had
to sit on the staircase!
Back in those days visiting a Fashion House was part of the
sightseeing of Paris. It was customary to come back home
with at least a Dior hat or a bottle of perfume.

One of the june filles Alla
The Cocktail and evening gowns were so elaborated.
They toke hours and hours to complete the job.
All done by hand !!!!

an amazing look !

One of the iconic Dior Dresses, the Lilly of the Valley 
reminded Mr. Dior of his youth.
This flower was chose for his first fragrance.

Mr. Dior at a fitting.
All models were supervised by him.

 The atelier

Christian Dior

It is almost impossible to find real Christian Dior vintage dresses,
if you find one just grab it and hold it tight.
I have the feeling this is going to be one of the most looked after collectables
in the years to come.
Why? nobody can affort to make dresses like this anymore,
just few Couture Houses are still doing some, but very few.
Dior is always creative and sartorialist.
In the 60 plus years of work, with 5 designers, Dior is still one of the
top five Couture Houses.


Stay with me for the next few days and you will fell in love with Dior,
if you are not already an affezionato cliente.

Dior by Dior edited by Victoria and Albert Museum
is a permanent book on my nightstand.