Monday, January 24, 2011

Bab al Shams Dubai

Balance and semplicity



Silence and wispers
Far away from the glitters and grands of
Jumeira, in the desert, I feel the real spirit of the Emirate.



sand and water

 Bab Al Shams
in the desert
a magical place

Dubai has many faces, this is the one I love the most.
Calm, peace, quite. The elegance of the people,
 the sun in the desert, the amazing arabic food.

A very relaxing place


Pashminas are excellent in price and quality,
shop around and do not forget to ask for discounts.

An incense burner, so stylish.
This one is made out of bronze.

Dukhoon Malaki is a a fragrant paste to burn in your home
the aroma is sublime, it does not make much smoke.
This make an interesting gift even for the most elegant of your friends.
Shop in Dubai at AlWafi, in Abu Dhabi at Emirates Palace.

Treat yourself with a visit at the Old Gold Souk,
it is quite an experience.

IN MY SUITCASE and more...

The temperature in Dubai is hot but inside air conditioning can be pretty chilly:
always bring a pashmina with you.
I respect the traditions of every place I go, here it is
appropriate to have arms and legs covered when you are in public.
A lovely Etro Kaftano is very usefull if you lounge.
A Dolce e Gabbana style  2piece suit in cream color is perfect for the day.
A pair of jeweled mules can do a fine job, they also double as slippers.
It is one of the safest places in the world,
you can wear jewelry and do not be afraid of
show off, fake or real.
If you have to bring a gift, chocolate is always
appriciated, as scarfs and perfumes
but do not expect that the gift will be open in front of you.
I never shake hands untill the other person offers.
In within the Hotels you can wear what you like
moderation is also part of beeing well mannered.
I suggest a long evening dress, silk or chiffon
 Cavalli, Etro,Valentino type.
High heels? Yes! not much walking in Dubai.
Do not get confused by the chador, 
the women are so sophisticated and elegant.
Pefume is very important, it is nice to use a good one
people will notice and compliment you more on your perfume then on your shoes.
I bring my Bond N.9 more long lasting then others.
Bring your finest bag, they really have an eye for the latest models.
Strong sunscreen is essencial.
Sky jacket? Why not, you can sky in Dubai too.


All photos are by MilaneseGAL