Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Alessandra Ambrosio Diet

Ultra beautiful Alessandra, shares her secrets about dieting...
after her baby was born she also had to go into a regime
just in time for shooting the Victoria's Secret catalogue.

A few of her tips:
Coconut water is rich in minerals, drink plenty.
Eat everything in moderation.
Reward yourself, Alessandra indulges in Chocolate, thai and japanese Food.
Small portions are really the key.
Exchange sugar and bread for brown rice.
Consume plenty of vegetables.
Each morning Alessandra has a glass of milk and
a half-broild egg.
Salads are a good source of vitamins and fill you up.
Stay healthy, too skinny is no good.
Exercise with squats, they are good for your butt and jeans figure.
Alessandra works out 3 times a week with a PT and
she does a lot of outdoor exercise.
20 minutes times 3 days a week of heavy workout modeled on your body
should guarantee you a result.
She was able to model for the Victoria's Secret catalogue
only after three month of giving birth.

 Panettones, Turkey Gravy, Chocolate cake, bread and pasta
....want this body?... better start work out NOW

Alessandra Ambrosio
a Supermodel, a Supermom a Super Body
Image by Victoria's Secret