Monday, January 23, 2012

Rachel Pally, it is all real !


next to my Puccis, my Missonis, my Lanvins I have my Rachel Pallys.
Yes, I collect them.
Nothing is more wearable then one of these jersey dresses.
 Imagine waring your most comfortable pajama and then add style and endless chicness to it, how can you resist? 
I call this dresses my "go to the moon dresses" because when I travel and
no matter if the destination is Forte dei Marmi Tuscany, Del Mar California, Bali or Saint Tropez her dressed are JUST PERFECT!
 Most designs are so timeless that you can wear season after season, wear them up or down, style them for any occasion.
Add a Panama hat and K. Jaques leather sandals for a casual day.
Add a Miu Miu bag and you will be ready for the Santa Monica Farmers Market.
Keep the same dress on just add your Chanel 2.55 and a pair of Manolo and you are ready for a posh dinner at Lorenzo in Forte.
When I travel to exotic destinations the comfort and easy care of a jersey dress goes without say. I pair it with interesting local jewelry or market findings to add a touch of local flavor at night a pashmina and a simple clutch make my outfit complete.
My latest OBSESSION is the JO DRESS.
I simply love the truffle color, I am an american size 4 so I fit very well Rachel's size SMALL. These dresses are very forgiving and they DO STRECH but
they will not loose their shape.
Regardless of your body type a Rachel dress is always feminine and chic.

If you are a Rachel Pally Enthusiast as I am
you now well her web site where is so easy to shop.
Now they offer a 20% OFF on your first order if you register.
It is easy to become a fan, most dresses are around 200 USD,the list of Celebrities Gals is infinite. How can anyone forget Angelina Jolie in Cotè d'Azur?

On a personal note
 I met Rachel in person and I feel she is one of the more exquisite souls I had the fortune to cross my path with.
Over a fantastic dinner hosted by our mutual friend Linda C.
Rachel was as natural as your best friend can be.
Born chic she keeps it real. Real feelings, real style, real materials,
real Made in America, real smile, real kindness, real beauty.
All this translates perfectly into her easy chic way of leaving and dress.
She is doing now what Donna Karan did twenty years ago with her
7 Easy Pieces Collection, the only problem is I cannot stop at 7 Rachel Pally outfits.

Photo credits: Beautiful Ashley Greene in a white Rachel Pally dress.
Designer Rachel Pally with her dog courtesy of

Rachel Pally Official Store, RACH-1294 Jo Dress,