Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How to dress for... a fitting appointment


When shopping for new outfits or for a fitting appointment
I find it easy to wear a simple dress and high heels.
I keep my make up bare and light, as a nude
canvas for the new clothes I am buying.
A loose ponytail will keep my hair out of the seamstress way.
If I visit a "sarta" (seamstress) I bring some refences of what I like
to have done.
I also bring a couple of different bras type,
 the right undergarments are the key element
for a well dressed woman.
I try to be a little sun tan and rested, everything will look better on.

Nude Dress

Sergio Rossi
 $715 -

Hermes Birkin
35cm naturelle

Sydney Evan
vintage bangle
Steven alan gloves
$49 -

Bobby Brown eyeliner
$22 -

Clinique lip gloss
$15 -

Aqua di Parma Magnolia
£100 -