Friday, July 22, 2011

Guillaume Hinfray Ballerinas

I tie the knot !
I admit it,  it was love at first sight.
One day I am walking in Via Cerva, Milan and I saw the new Boutique
The beautiful display of shoes and the kindness of the saleman
invited me to enter and view more closely the beautiful Summer Collecion.
The BALLERINAS are a dream......

Like a little GAL in a candy store I decided to call for a show-room appointment.
Roberta has a pair of "knotted" ballerinas at her feet,
I like her immediatly and she could not rappresent better
 the view of the Designer about their ideal Clientele:
a "360 degrees woman"
We all love art, fashion and music. We are all unique and always searching for the perfect shoe.
We have days we can walk in high heels, we have days we need the chic pair of
ballerinas without compromising in elegance.
GH style is strong but feminine, unique but easy to wear.

I am hoked. The next day I was leaving for Paris for the Haute Couture
and the entire time I was thinking of the wonderful Shoe GH Collection.
Every detail is perfect. The soft skins, the silk inlay, the harware...
everything is proportioned and chic.
I can wear these shoes with my Lanvins or with my Levis,
in Milano or LA...they are a perfect 10!

This is part of a Summer Collection, very cool.

Not only ballerinas.....

The beautiful Boutique is a MUST if you visit Milan.
I cannot think of a better "souvenir" to bring back home than a pair
or two of these Couture Ballerinas.

In Milano: VIA CERVA at the Boutique
For the Trade: Roberta Frattini at  +39 02 36504969

an interview with Guillaume Hinfray and Marco Censi
courtesy of Antonioli Web Journal

photos by MilaneseGAL with the exception of GH courtesy of Antonioli
for your eyes only please...