Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Vespa Couture by Stefano Conticelli . Triennale Milano

Vespa Couture Outfit from the sophisticated, creative mind of Stefano Conticelli

The Salone del Mobile is a incredible place to meet talents and geniuses.
Stefano Conticelli is a story all Made in Italy:
a few years back due to recession he lost his solid job, he was devastated.
He bounced from a job to another at one point he even become a farmer.
Sad, broke and depressed he did not loose faith in himself.
His inner creativity had the space and time to flow and mature in him.
Slowly and with the italian passion of handmade he opened a little Bottega
specialized in leathermaking. One day he produced a little leather truck like a toy.
Nobody less then Mr. Loro Piana saw it and felt immediatly in love with the ultra chic
minuature truck. Stefano's luck departed in full gear.
After a short time his "Cashmere on Board" truck travelled far in every Loro Piana's
boutique's windows around the globe.
Stefano got the motivation and energy to create more and more.
The VESPA OUTFIT is all leather, all hand made with special canvas and it is easy to take it off. But trust me, you will never undress your ultra chic scooter!

All HAND MADE by Stefano Conticelli
beautifully crafted as all luxury things should be made.
No wonder why Loro Piana and Hermès felt for him.
The price tag on this amazing project is less then a luxury skin bag.

worth a visit if you are in the area.
Stefano will treat you with several other amazing leather goods,
 a happy ending for a happy guy, all Made in Italy
in this great nation full of Artists and Artisans.
Grazie Stefano, all photos by MilaneseGAL

by elicopter
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