Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Londolozi Lodge

The most elegant African Lodge.

The decor is magnificent and the food superb.

The big 5 all here for you !!

Few years back I have been blessed to visit South Africa,
Kruger Park blew my mind.
Londolozi has been an excellent selecion.
The pictures and the web site speak for themself.

What I like to share with you is the incredible experience I had
sitting on an open Land Rover surrounded by 5 young male lions.
The moment has been a memorable one.
One of those things you have to live to understand.
Beeing so close to the wildlife for a CityGAL as myself has been
truly a lifetime experience.
The perfect silence, hundreds of animals, the experienced rangers,
and at night an incredible meal around a boma fire.
I need to go back.

What to bring with you

Jypsiere by Hermès
the perfect MilaneseGAL camera bag?!?

Kyra and the Elephant...
the Louis Vuitton Blanket is perfect on chilly mornings
Safaris on the open Land Rovers

You do not need much.
Londolozi is casual and chic.

souvenirs and ispirations

Kuba, origianally from Congo but easly found in SA

 Frame your Safary pictures and display them,
Ralph Lauren show you how.

Valentina in a
lovely outfit to from Ralph Lauren

few books you might consider

Beads and Jewelry

Zulu Baskets

Amulets from Africa Direct
lovely on a white summer dress 


Are you looking to give an amazing gift ?