Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Classic Hermès

the Holy Grail of bags
The Birkin
I like the Pegasus charm

Ex-Libris Pointù
a very versatile and chic scarf
on top of Grand Apparat bracelet


The One-and-Only
Collier du Chein
The MUST HAVE bracelet
for any fashionGAL

Two lovely gifts
from the Horn Collection
they travel everywere and add a little class.

Another two basics:
the Bracelet is Grand Apparat
The belt a super classic and a staple.

 Even if you are not a scarfGAL
these two you should consider:
The Gavrochè is simple but very very chic.
You can add it to your bag, use it as a bandana or tight to your jeans.
The 140x140 cashmere shawl is an excellent investment,
you can bring it summer or winter everywhere, plenty of designs to look.

 Calling Card Case
Chic Chic Chic

Two essencials:
the 90x90 scarf... quintessential Hermès
My "Persona" has been in over 30 Countries.
The travel leather case for Hermès perfume.

I stack on samples....easy to travel with.

The Kelly
the ultimate ChicGAL bag.
If you have a Birkin the Kelly is a Must.

Le Monde d'Hermès
it is a collectable magazine.
It is chic, well done, a classic reading from
one of the finest.

A piece of advise...
if you start an Hermès Collection
stick with one color scheme.
You like brown? You like orange?...
Piece by piece you will build a lifetime collection
of forever green pieces.

The KEY pieces are:

a bag
(select your model)
a scarf 90x90
a pointù scarf
collier du chen bracelet
H belt
something from the horn collection
the cashmere 140x140 shawl
the vintage 70x70 scarf