Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Basic Chanel make up

My favorite Makeup

Since I first started buying make up I always love CHANEL.
My very first nail polish was "Flemme Rose" by Chanel purchased at Harrod's in London.
Now I really enjoy few simple basics that I try to stock up at my favorite cosmetic counters.
In Milano I enjoy the Chanel box at  COIN in Piazza Cinque Giornate....Sara is wonderful!
In San Diego I go at Neiman Marcus where I always get spoiled.
Recently I discovered the Chanel Beauty WEB SITE... I love it.
These are few of my MUST HAVE....

1.Flemme Rose Nail Polish
2. Impervù  Blush
3. Eye Brows Gel
4. Inimitabile Mascara in Black
5. Lip pencil in Rose
6. Lip Gloss shimmer Maline
7. Key West Lipstick a peach gold color
8. Quick Cover Up for emergency

Daria Baker and Anne-Marie van Dijk - Glamour Russia, June 2011
Courtesy of ELLE Russia