Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fornasetti: follow the butterfly

MilaneseGAL stepping into the Fornasetti store in Milano Matteotti

Barnaba Fornasetti photo by Hugh Findletar
profession: genius 
'gives me the Oompa-Loompa vibes

How do they know I like Zebras?
Chest designed by Barnaba Fornasetti re-editing his father Piero's own designs.
A collection of over 13.000 sketches.

MilaneseGAL Fornasetti essencials
1. iconic tea pot, same one that Philippe Starck loves.
2. make up brushes holder, my vision of it.
3. Immagination trainer, what is this for? Shh! I do not want to know...
you see what you want to see in it...

The Limited Edition
DVD player for flat screen TV
Immerse yourself into fluid Variazioni

Wallpapers by Cole&Sons
I want to do my closet
with matching paper hat boxes, lots of them !
or at the Fornasetti store in Milano

The must have piece
a Calendar Plate
with so many boring Christmas gifts this is a Corporate must !

Fabrics by Luciano Marcato
let your creativity run wild!  so many to choose from

You   d-e-f-i-n-i-t-e-l-y   have a problem when in the cappuccino foam you start to see the face of Lina Cavalieri winking at you.
Ms. Yuki, adorable spokesperson for Fornasetti tells me that it might be incurable.
It all started back whan I was a child: beeing from Milano I grew up in a household where Fornasetti presence was a little bit everywhere.
My parents had a spooky paperbasket in they bathroom with siamese cats,  several Variazioni plates and a metal tray with the design of a city that was my all time favorite.
All of my snacks where to be served on that tray . Princess M. orders !
It is only natural that if you are feed with Fornasetti images since you are a child you turn into a
Fornasetti Aficionado.

Since it is about time for me to get my own tray I went to pay a visit to Fornasetti Mecca in Milano.
Chasing the butterfly all the way down to the cavò of the store where are displayed  the incredible furniture pieces, like the trumò (I love this word) that Piero Fornasetti co-designed with Giò Ponti, one of the iconic pieces of the furniture line.
I saw a small memorabilia collection, there was no point in time, nor it will be, when Fornasetti was a bit passè. 
 I really understand the meaning of the word TIMELESS.

Ms. Yuki shows me the carpets, all made by hand in a particular reagion of the Orient where the waters are clears, dyed with natual pigments, they can be also used as wall hangings.
We admired together (she adores Fornasetti and it shows natualy) the wallpapers,
I was taken by a Zebra bookcase designed by Barnaba Fornasetti, that has to be mine!

I smelled the new fragrance, very nice , a mix of lavander and incense. What really impressed me was the pot with the fragrant stones, it reminded me of Oman. This is the perfect gift for HRH the Sultan Qaboos,
or my friend Linda. I loved the candles in ceramic containers, perfect tokens.

I tryed for several evenings to crack down the code: to understand why Fornasetti is so appealing.
My own interpretation is that every design of Piero and Barnaba have a subliminal sense of humor.
 The kind humor that does not make you laugh out loud but makes you giggle inside.
A dry sence of design humor that lift your spirit without overstimulate it too much.
Very refined, very elegant. Once you are trapped into this magical world it is hard to leave.

It would be very pretentious of me to try to make you swallow a Fornasetti's Vitamine all at once.
So we will go little by little, today I am going to give you this pill of advise:
You need Fornasetti. Period.

To plaque you craving of design there is only one remedy, immerse yourself into
this magical world.
This is what you can do:
1. Visit immediatly the web site, click on the icon on the top right of my post
to learn as much as you can about Piero and Barnaba Fornasetti (father and son).
2. Buy the iconic Fornasetti book edited by Electa 2 volumes.
3. Choose your personal favorite.
4. Visit the Fornasetti Store in Matteotti, Milano.
5. Browse the web site of Barneys for nice pieces.
6. Mark your calender, soon to come at 10 Corso Como a shopping will see...

Fornasetti Essencial Library:

FORNASETTI: The Complete Universe Edizioni Rizzoli

Designer of dreams by Patrick Mauries

Piero Fornasetti: a conversation between Philippe Starck e Barbaba Fornasetti
by Brigitte Fitoussi e Philippe Stark Edizioni Assouline

Piero Fornasetti Vol.1 e Vol.2
by Barnaba Fornasetti
edizioni Electa

the web site and practical info

store Corso Matteotti 1a, Milano
+0039 02 89658040

This post was made by the gracious help of Ms. Yuki, Fornasetti Press Office
All the photo are either MilaneseGAL or Fornasetti Press Office
please be rispectfull, for your eyes only.
The Coffie Cup Variation is a small tribute from MG to BF,
cup McKenzy Child, image Fornasetti.

Federica thank you for the butterfly.