Friday, June 10, 2011

June obsessions


Miu Miu Burlap and silk shoes
easy to wear day or night

Antonio Massa paintings

The ultra classic Birkin by Hermès

The leather journal


In the early summer the fragrance of fig is wonderful !

Searching for ideas for styling
Le Monde d'Hermès Magazine

I am trying to cleand the house
but my VOGUEs I simply cannot toss.

I must have this issue as a memento

My personal battle:
drink tab water and fight for the right to
have superb drinkable tab water.
Think of how much less plastic and pollution. 

 "Funny Face"
I simply love this kiss
I shoul have this as my TV screensaver

As my good friend B.Z.V I also enjoy a good cup od tea at 4 pm.
Armani dolci makes wonderful ones
this is ylang ylang and fiori d'arancio