Sunday, July 10, 2011

Irving Penn on Facebook

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The story behind IRVING PENN Facebook Page....

"In February 2009, I was reading an article on Irving Penn and had Facebook open on my laptop, so I looked him up. There was a couple of groups but it just wasn't anything solid, I remember thinking 'this does not do him justice!' so I set one up. I started on my own, there are now 17, 550 fans. I research and research and have grown to recognize the iconic Irving Penn touches. The fans on the page are amazing, they are true to the master of photography and are so inspiring. I love seeing the reactions and comments especially if its a Penn photograph they have never seen before!
 As the saying goes, 'little things make me happy'.

I am a Facebook believer, I think its great for these initiatives, keeping the amazing works alive, inspiring, and networking with like minded passionate people.

As for me, I am a passionate person, I love all things creative. I left a City job to take some time out. Then the recession hit me, and well Europe, and the rest of the world! I focused more on what I love.

I also run a page on a London based Turkish designer, Bora Aksu. Bora is a Central St Martins graduate, and the four times Topshop NEWGEN award winner. Tori Amos bought his entire collection for her tour. D&G also bought pieces as they were inspired by his work. The page is a huge success with 3, 258 fans and I attended London Fashion Week recently, the show was amazing.

I really enjoy bringing people together, sharing, watching reactions, and seeing the number of fans on the pages grow. There is a certain buzz in watching something develop from 1 to 20.808. "

a message from my  visionary friend Ulku Dirioglu
Ulku Dirioglu
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