Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Venice Chic Week End

Chic dog shopping for a new diamonds collar?

Legendary Pauly...

Orient Express, Venice Paris a day and a half.....

Nobody can resist to the beauty of the masks...
I always buy a very simple one for my New Years Eve Partys
It makeas an interesting conversational piece....

Amazing San Marco Square

My favorite coffie the Monaco on the terrace....

The gondola, it is truly fun if you ride on the off canals....

Once the "Borsalino" shop now on the major derisire shopping street.

a souvenir to be remebered

Palazzina Grassi
one of the most charming of the Venice Hotels.

Cà Corner della Regina
Fondazione Prada
The happening new Venice Museum.

With the exeption of Fondazione Prada e Palazzina Grassi
all pictures are by MilaneseGAL
for your eyes only please