Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Holydays Decorations

I simply love the Holyday spirit!
Decorating the home for the Holydays is
one of my favorite things to do. As  cooking and making the most
beautiful wrappings that I can affort.
I buy ribbons, ribbons and more ribbons...
few decorating tips I learn:

1.Buy great ribbons when on sale, never at the last minute.
2.The wrapping paper can be generic as long as it has style.
3. Never pass on few of your favorire mercury glass ornaments,
they add such a lust to the look.
4. Stay with one color scheme.
5. Coordinate the decor of the gifts to the tree of the person you are giving the gift,
gold and silver are always perfect.
6. Ask to the Department Stores to wrap things for you but always add your final touch.
7. No matter how big or small is the gift, a nice hand written note is a must.
8. Use and re use things around, try to place them each year differently.
9. Never forget the corners of your homes, including powder bathrooms.
10. The fragrance of Christmas is happiness and joy with a touch of fresh pine perfume.