Friday, December 23, 2011

Great Panettone Holidays Recipes

Milanese Panettone is one of my favorite things!
It is so easy to celebrate the Holidays with a fresh slice
of Panettone.
For the correct spelling it is one N and two Ts, no mistakes!
It comes from
 pane: the italian word for bread
panettone means a big bread.

These days you can find it in almost every Grocery Stores.
And these are a few recipes I like.

1. Keep it Simple
Make a light Egg Cream to accompany your Panettone.
6 eggs yolks at room temperature.
12 table spoons of refines white sugar
1 teaspoon of Vanilla extract.
Beat all at high speed untill fluffy.
Add 3  spoons of mascarpone cheese
at room temperature.
(whip cream can be substituted)
Serve immediatly.
For six.

2. Monte Bianco
Slice the Panettone in 4 horizontal disks
spread the layers with Nutella or any good quality
chocolate hezelnuts cream.
Do not refrigerate.
Sprinkle with loads of white powder sugar.

3. Make a Wish
Slice the Panettone in front of your guests
place it on a baking sheet
toast with the broiler (2 minutes)
Remove from oven when lightly toasted,
add a spoon of Grand Marnier on each toasted slice,
add wipped cream
serve immediatly.

enjoy it !!
Recipes names are MilaneseGAL
use them if you like but please credit me.