Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Manolo Blahnik divine shoes

Carrie's favorite shoes in the series Sex and The City
How can you blame her?
 Manolo Blanhik is among the TOP 4 best shoe brands in the world
(I rank it with Renee Caovilla, Christian Louboutin
and Roger Vivier)
No serious shoes collection is complete without a few pairs of
Manolo Blanhik divine stilettos.

All Made in Italy they are in fact
produced by Martinoli-Caimar located in northen Italy.
A family style shoes factory that has the exclusivity
of the Manolo production.
It takes about 50 steps to complete the magical stiletto.
Most of them are still made by hand these days,
one of the key passages is now automated but still controlled
by human eye. The tecnique and expertise of the shoemaker
is the the key for the success of a good product.

The Italian Quality is legendary and you can really feel it
when you wear a Manolo shoe. They are so comfortable 
compared to other ordinary shoes.
An evening wearing a 8inc heel is painless.
Another good plus to add to the Manolos:
the traditional design is always kept fresh with new materials and details,
however most of the styles are timeless and can be worn
season after season.
 It is impossible to give away a
pair od these shoes.

Mr. Manolo Blanhik via