Monday, April 9, 2012

Charlotte Casiraghi is GUCCI

The Official testimonial for GUCCI
over the next two years will be
Princess Charlotte Casiraghi
Frida Giannini could have not pick a better gal
to re-vamp the italian historic Maison Gucci.
This year they pulled together a fab collection and
there are many GUCCI bags and shoes to live for.

The first pictures were taken by Peter Lindberg.
Charlotte is wearing the red and green combination
thar was so dear to Mr. Gucci and made him signature
around the world.
Mr Gucci was a fan of horsed too and this was the color
of the strap that holded his saddle.

Charming Charlotte posing with her horse and
the GUCCI scarf she sport in such a chic way.

Brava Frida! Well appointed.