Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Lucciola by EmaS

Iconic Jane Birkin in the Fab'60s

Legendary Marisa Berenson in Ungaro 1960 circa

Once Upon the Time
the jet set of the world was spotted to wear a Lucciola, what is a Lu-cchiò-lah ?
A trendy watch that in the 60s was everywhere.
From Paris to Montecarlo, from London to New York the Lucciola was one of the models of watches to have. Now, fifty years later, EmaS made a modern version of it.

Let me start the story, I feel very funny in sporting a watch with the same name of one of my best friends: Emas stands for Enrico Masserini. The original EmaS was born in 1934, Milano Piazza Diaz, the grandfather or Enrico (Chicco) Sir Enrico Masserini at the time had the brilliant idea of importing Swiss watches to the Milanese Society. This was the time that people discovered wrist watches and they were the cool objects du jour. The second generation saw Annibale Masserini, his son, to become one of the most influential Watch Man in Italy, beeing the solo Rap Firm for some of the most prestigious watch-maker Companys in the world a.k.a DeWitt, Ulysse Nardine just to drop two names....
 Today my friend Enrico third of this Orologio Dynastia,
a brillian guy with style and vision seeking to remake a trendy watch, came up with Lucciola by EmaS. It is a unisex version of the old ones, the concept of trasparency and flotting numbers is the same but the new
twist is the silicon band and the modern colors. I practically stole mine from his lovely wife Barbara's wrist yesterday at dinner. OPS ! Mine is etoupe color with Rose Gold IP treatment, but there are many color variations.
 An easy watch to wear, very light, elegant, a good alternative for the days you cannot use your zillion dollars watches or just for the pleasure of wearing something a little different and trendy, stlyed in Milano.
Yes, I can go to the beach with it. Yes, I could walk in Montecarlo with it and feel chic.
In Milano you could find it at TEA ROSE
in Forte dei Marmi at FRANCO NERI
in Portofino at GOLD FOREVER
or contact:
The color photos are by MilaneseGAL
the photos of Jane Birkin and Marisa Berenson
an archive findings to rappresent an era, they were the
true legends of their time. They are not affiliated with EmaS
and it is not intended to promote the product