Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Virtual Artist: Martina Bonoris


Shadows of the doubts


Remember Me

right here waiting

Let your soul be your pilot


Stage fright

Back into History

Temple of Minerva

Temple of Minerva

contemplation of a miracle

Contemplation of a Miracle

Is she right?

1920' style

1920's style

Breeze on her balcony

Amazing right?!
 It is like watching the movie Prospero's Books of  Peter Greenaway, or read a passage from the Decameron by Boccaccio.
I have the same ethereal feeling when I admire the sets of Martina Bonoris, a deep soul, a gentle person and a visionary artist (she humbles calls herself Amateur Artist)
Since my very first day on Polyvore I got caught into Martina's magical world.
We become friends, and I keep following her with admiration. Like me many many devoted fans.
Her sets are inspired by her long life love for Art History, she will take you back and forth in art timeline. 
 Her collages are deep in poetry, they movie you inside and always live you with a question in your mind. Oh yes! they are bautifull too, like the person she is : beautiful inside. A sort of Maya Angelou of South America...only with images. A lot of images! her production is fluid and keeps coming.
Polyvore is an indipendent community of Artists, Stylists and Trendsetters where people are invited to compose sets made of collages of objects and images that they like, constantly influencing each other and sharing ideas and art. As I said before an incubator of style.
It is a free world of  Visionary Artists. Very contemporary concept.
Martina also reminded me the value of giving something for the love of giving, one of the 7 Spiritual Laws by Deepak Chopra that I try to follow.  Martina this post is to salute your generosity in sharing your amazing artworks with us just for the pleasure of making somebody happy, in a rough real world you are a  virtual  polished gem.
Please leave your comments directly to her sets and start building your virtual art collection.
Take a good cup of coffie, sit, and Visit her amazing array of Virtual Art at:

all the sets are collages from Martina Bonoris Polyvore Collection
prease respect her creativity