Friday, October 22, 2010

Pennisi Milano

If you adore Vintage Jewelry Pennisi Gioielli
is a must visit shop. More then a shop is like a Museum, it is not ofter that you can have in your hand an object from Fabergè nor you can see a parure sister of the one that is exhibited at the Louvre.
Pennisi Gioielli is located in via Manzoni, a busy corner from the outside,
 an oasi of luxury and elegance inside.
From the moment you enter the Boutique the mediocracy fades away, suddently you are surrounded by velvet, soft music, the friendliest people and of couse by the most exquisite jewellery you will ever see.
It was 1950, Milan when Mr. Giovanni Pennisi opened his first office specialized in precious stones and diamonds, he could spot the value of a gem from a distance. They say he had the courage of a lion anf the craft in the blood. Of that I am sure because he passed the same passion for beauty to his son Guido and his daughter Marina, now assisted by their sons Gabriele and Emmanuele, run one of the most Unique shops in Milan.
The list of Clients is elegantly not disclosed: we all know who lived in Versailles, we all imagine who shops at Pennisi. It is as simple as that. A bit out of my reach but still a nice place to visit and write about.
In occasion of my post on the Baroda Pearls I went to pay a visit to  Mr. Pennisi, I got to meet the all family and Mrs Marina toke so much time in showing me some of the most exquisite pearls' pieces.
I hope that some of you will have the privilege to wear some of these objects one day.
To own a vintage jewel is to own a piece of history.
I could spend many more kind works to describe the store, but the best advise I can give you is to visit it for yourself. If you are in Milano this is truly a gem!

From far right, Mr Guido Pennisi, Mrs. Marina Pennisi, her son Emanuele and on the far left Gabriele Pennisi

The photos are by MilaneseGAL
please for your eyes only.
In order from the top:

 The shop located at the Hotel de Milan, Via Manzoni.
for  appointments  please call  0039 02 862232
Stunning earrings with drop natural pearls, France 1880ca.
Parure gold, diamonds and natural pearls, signed by Petiteau at P.Caillot a sister one is on permanent exhibit at the Louvre. France 1850ca.
Strands of natural pearls with an interesting clip with the colors of the French Flag (should be on Carla Bruni's list) that can de worn strand by strand all all clasped together. 1900ca.
Diamonds and natural pearl Cross, Austria 1880ca.
Brooch in diamonds and natural pearls, France 1870ca.
Diamonds, shappires, natural pearls art deco bracelet. 1920ca.
Prices upon request