Friday, October 15, 2010

From one another

CenturyMom: eBay not so secret address
Brand new, Vintage Azzeline Alaia Zebra Coat, retailed  at Barney's for 11K...

....yours for 4k and all the pleasure of an amazing shopping experience

Fendi Zebra bag, another impeccable pick from Elizabeth alias CenturyMom

Elegant and evergreen Dolce e Gabbana Dress

Timeless Bill Blass Jacket

Yves St.Laurent Camel Rose, Immaculate Hobo bag

Impossible to find Miu Miu Vintage, Collectable, Brocade shoes
In perfect conditions

Let me first say that I love ebay! I am one of those people that buy clothes not only to wear them but also to collect them. I love fashion and I love a story behind a certain collection or a particular piece.
I collect what I wear and I wear what I collect, get it?
I absolutly put no limits in where to hunt for my treasures: from a Bazaar in Marrakesh to Bergdorf. From eBay to Sotheby's, from a Boutique in Milan to a vintage store in Paris... all is good discovery ground.

During my ten plus years of eBay surfing I came across several talented Sellers but CenturyMom
 deserves a fashion ribbon. I tell you why: she is clearly a woman of taste who understands fashion at its core.
An Interior Designer who decided to spend more time home with her children doing something she really enjoys, transforming a passion in a profitable carrier, she has been listed among the prestigious Best of New York by the New York Magazine 2010 Edition, and that is impressive. She is the kind of friend you would  invite over for a glass of champagne and have her go into your closet searching for dead bodies (alias all those fine expensive things that, for some reasons, we stuck so far back into our closets that you need a speleology degree to retrive them).
Elizabeth Frogel, CenturyMom for the ebay crowd,  helps you and she has a lot of fun doing it.
She adores her work judging from the passion and elegance she puts in every listing.
The presentation is unprecedented as you can see for yourself.
Call her a Modern version of Consignment would be true but  I would call her a   
Fashion Trader.
 In her twenty plus on going listings, she cherry pics the best fashion  from Socialites and Fashionistas, most of them are brand new, and elegantly gives them  
 a new life, a new home.
The dresses, bags, shoes are stored in her immaculate home before getting to yours.
Forget dirty basements, loud crowds and pushy salesgirls, here there is Alicia Keys playing in the background....
When I log on her page I feel I got invited to her house, I can almost hear the water simmering for a soon to come cup of coffie. I can smell the chic white flower arrangement that she surely has in her elegant Manhattan appartment. I am virtual Guest,  equally comfortably sitted in my white sofa, in the company of artworks, my I-Pad and my cup of coffie is almost ready, all I need to do is click and shop !
Does it get any better then that?

For more info please log on ebay and visit: seller centurymom
Elizabeth Frogel
she will make Consignment History. Remember recycle is a chic modern lifestyle.

all pictures are used under permission of CenturyMom and are taken by her. Do not copy them.