Friday, October 29, 2010

Toni&Guy Max: ponytail 1-01

Ok GALS! after 3 fulls days of Louis Vuitton Mania now I have the dress, I have the bag,
I have the ribbon shoes what I am really missing is the perfect ponytail.
You starting to know me right?.... what Grace Kelly in such a dilemma would have done?
Turn to a Pro.

I called Max, Massimiliano di Vincenzo not short of the owner of TONI&GUY San Babila Saloon in Milano. A fashionista address to keep.
I think he does not need much presentations but here are some credentials for who is reading from the Moon: Toni&Guy are official sponsors of the London Fashion Week,
they are among the household names that really made history in the hairstyle.
 The Company is originally from London, we all know that the Britts have guts. Hei! they produced the Stones and the Beatles, not to mention HRH the Queen (in this case I am thinking of Alexander Mc.)
The Name: Anthony, shortened in Toni and Guy is Guy , two more sibilings are incognitos but work in the business and a fifth brother is an attorney. 
Massimiliano, our Max, is from Rome. a friendly guy with not a drop of attitute, great personality. Someone you instantly trust. You feel at ease, I step into the busy Saloon at 12.00on Thursday .
The staff is cordial and friendly, calm and discrete. they all smile.
Max is busy with a Client  but he takes the time to offer me a cup of coffie and free access to Internet, this  guy knows how to treat a Blogger !!!!
Few minutes after I explain him my problem, I need to learn how to make
the P E R F E C T  Ponytail, not and easy task for a tomboy like me.
I feel the same imbarassment as I would  by asking Mr. Valentino to teach me how to pin a brooch on a dress, but you know.... that is what Pros are for.
Max is truly a Pro, while he graciously shows how to turn Stefania into Lady Stefania (our impromtu model), we chat about his work. What really impresses me is the humbleness and his easy going spirit. I ask what makes his Saloon so different and he said the approach from the moment a Client enters. He always see the person before gets washed and spends time in understanding who the person really is and what are his or her needs. What job they are in, social habits, they cloths preferences....
You know it is a simple statements but if you think about it how many times our vendors REALLY LISTEN at us? Really ask us WHO WE ARE and do not tell us what they want to sell.
In my experience not very many, especially in a superficial world like Fashion and Beauty.
Max is an expert on fotography too, and like Anthony (Toni) Mascolo has an eye for beauty.
You want to have a hairstylist who understands not only fashion, but light, movements, aesthetic in a broad sense and then translate it to YOU.

Now lesson 1-01
Start combing the hair gently and straight.
Visualize the oval of YOUR face, understand your chin and cheek bones it is essencial, you want to create a proportion and a balance. Study your profile and try before set the ponytail.
Get a good rubber band, give a little volume to your hair, twist and secure the band.
Imperative that you cover the band with some of your own hair.
 Easier to do than to explain.
Add a little gel or foam to set the style and fix those loose hair in the beck of your neck.
The neck is sexy, more clean and neet the sexier.
Voilà a finishing touch and you can be chic even on a beach or at the gym.
Now if you excuse me.......I have a job to do.

 Saloon in Milano San Babila above Fiorucci
+ 39 02 76018360
open also late some days of the week.
A great place to visit if you pass by Milano
A consultation and style with Max is like having a couture dress
 made but will not cost you the same.
Invest in yout hairstyle, you will wear it everyday !
price list is honest and adeguate, no bad surprises.
A BRILLIANT IDEA...get a gift card for a session, for a friend it is a great gift too.

photos by MilaneseGAL
TONI&GUY is a registered mark