Saturday, December 18, 2010

Chic Dogs

"Now Mildred, lets watch this post ...."

I love crocodile ! Ralph Lauren carry on for dogs...chic

James Bond the chic Ralph Lauren Dog

Ralph Lauren collar, adorable !

Simpson and a lucky dog.

Jessica Simpson and her Louis Viutton doggy carrier

Beautiful collar by Louis Vuitton

The chewy dog bed.... sogni d'oro !!!

Toby sporting his Gucci dog hat
hei, he is Californian !!

This is exactly what vintage Birkins are made for.
My dog love Birkins too.

Hermès for dogs
what a chic collar

You are not chewing on this one Toby !!!
Hermès toy for dog

Gucci dog water and food bowls

Insane !!! but practical....
Doggy's boots

Gucci Doxie
mother's favorite.

Gucci double bed, for dogs...

Just in time for Aspen !
Gucci down coat for dogs

"Oh, pretty pretty...." Gucci number
"Shhh! Mildred I am trying to follow the blog..."

She can fit in a Balenciaga too...

Miley and Sophie

Oh stop it !!!  you are so snob !!
Just for fun....darling !
Pets are adorable the way they are,
save them, adopt them, pet them, teach kids to love them.
Give them all the love you can.

Dogs are miracles with paws.

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