Sunday, December 5, 2010

Panettone Armani

Ok! I am blessed....
I live in the city that produces the best fashion and the best panettoni.
It is a tradition in our house to celebrate Chrismas with an Armani Panettone.
The sweet Gal, Camilla, at Armani Dolci Milano, knows to reserve at
least two for us every year. She knows I like them wrapped in the
original brown box and I always toss a couple of the Kumquat Marmelades.
The left over panettone (rarely happens) is tosted the next morning and dashed
 with a nut of butter and the orangy marmelate....pure luxury !
The reason why I like it so much is for the incredible quality and the
enormous pieces of candied orange peel !
It is fresh, soft and it smells like Christmas.
It is Couture Panettone, grazie Giorgio, you are the best!

order one, two,