Thursday, December 2, 2010

Kelly & Birkin

wow...I cannot even breathe
Could this be the epitomy of style?
A mix of Emma Peel gets in Mr. Steel's closet and rave it.
I cannot take my eyes off the crocodile Birkins,
the large studded Kellys and the forevergreen Kelly Pochette.
Right back in my closet I pulled out all my black cashmere sweaters,
my black leggings, I added a chuncky wool scarf and my leather jacket.
A pair of black boots and an Hermès belt tight on my waist.
The ice on the cake? a must have Collier du Chein bracelet.
Do not be intimidated, spend few minutes browsing in an Hermès Boutique
to feel the amazing quality. You do not need the all wardrobe to be
chic, just few key pieces will accompany you forever.
A Kelly? absolutly ! but should be proportioned to your size.
A Birkin? yes! but treat her like a Princess.
A Kelly Pochette? Of course if you like to travel light like me.
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Photos are by the great Gianni Pucci for
Models: Karlie Kloss, Anna Sedezneva, Giunta Lapina
Kasia Struss, Natashia Poly.
Last photo by MilaneseGAL with her own Colllier du chein.